Downtown Evansville has gotten a cool new upgrade and it will make finding your way around a little bit easier the next time you visit.

If you don't spend a lot of time downtown, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming trying to navigate but especially for those who are new to the city. Imagine that you didn't live and work in Evansville but you have just traveled to downtown for the first time to see a show at Ford Center. You may not know where to grab a bite to eat before the show or a cocktail afterward and that's where downtown's newest addition is going really to come in handy.

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Downtown Evansville just announced the addition of map directories of the downtown area in hopes of connecting visitors to everything our beautiful downtown. The new maps are located inside the two public parking garages located at 500 Sycamore Street and at 3rd and Locust. In addition to the two public garages, the map also has been placed inside the garage for the Doubletree Hotel downtown. Downtown Evansville says,

We’re helping connect visitors to our Downtown destinations. New maps of Downtown were installed today in the City of Evansville parking garages (500 Sycamore Street and at 3rd & Locust) and Doubletree garage.
The maps were funded by Downtown property owners through the DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE - Economic Improvement District.



Even for those who live in Evansville, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around downtown. So the next time you head downtown for a concert or event, take a look at the directory maps and see which businesses you haven't visited lately and stop by. To take a look at the map, visit

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