*The photo above is not of the Commemorative Air Force That's All, Brother C-47*

The Evansville Wartime Museum opened in 2017 and is a community museum that works to showcase the Evansville area's WWII wartime contributions. The museum boasts many historical artifacts from the WWII era.  Did you know Evansville had such a rich history supporting the war effort?   Here's what the Evansville Wartime Museum says:

Evansville was a center of WWII production. Our community’s factories made the products that help our military fight the war on land, on sea and in the air. Thousands of new jobs, created virtually overnight, drew workers from Evansville and the surrounding counties in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. We show what they made, how they made it and where it helped win the war.


The Evansville Wartime Museum are no strangers to bringing special WWII planes to town to showcase, and coming up in August they've got something really cool coming to town AND you can even pay to go for a flight.

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Commemorative Air Force That's All, Brother C-47 is coming to Evansville for tours and flights from August 7th through the 8th.  According to the Commemorative Air Force event page on Facebook, to tour the plane it'll be $10/person, and flights will be $249 per person.  Children 5-12 must be accompanied by an adult, and children 12 and older must have parental permission.

The Evansville Wartime Museum's Event Page on Facebook states that the C-47 That's All Brother was the aircraft that lead the forces during the US Airborne paratrooper drops in Normandy.  Talk about an incredible history! It would be so cool to get to say you got to take a ride on this plane.

If you're interested in taking flight on the C-27 you can purchase your flight ticket, here. 


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