Our This or That segment began as a way for you (along with me and Liberty) to learn more about the guests we have on the MY Morning Show - the people that you ofter read or hear about doing good things in our community. The silly questions we ask each week have helped us realize that we sometimes have quite a bit in common with a certain guest, or maybe we don't quite see eye to eye on a topic. sometimes a guest's answer leaves us absolutely dumbfounded - that is exactly what happened with this week's guest.

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Let me introduce you to Megan Tuley. Megan is our new Receptionist/Sales Assistant here at Townsquare Media. If you ever come to the station, whether it's to do an interview or pick up a prize or whatever, Megan will most likely be the first person you see. As usual, we asked her five This or That questions, and as usual, we try our best to cater the questions to things we know about our guests (after stalking them on Facebook). Doesn't it just figure that the one basic, generic question we asked turned out to be the one with the wackiest answer?

We asked Megan about her experience so far here at the station, we talked about psychology, movies, books, and music - and the question that still has us scratching our heads was about food. That is question #4 by the way - take a listen to this nonsense.

This or That with Megan

I think it would be amazing if the next time you come to pick up a prize you would say something to Megan about having salad for breakfast, even if it's months down the road. I know that would make my heart happy, and I think Megan would get a kick out of it too - whether you're in support of it, or if you're giving her a (jokingly) hard time. She's a tough young woman and I have no doubt she can take care of herself, and probably give it right back to you.

Our thanks, as always, to Megan for being a good sport.


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