Our guest for this week's edition of This or That is Lee Ann Shafer, one of the board members for United Caring Services. We've had her on the show twice now, and we've spent a little bit of time with her. We really don't know much about her, and that's exactly why we play This or That - so that we can all get to know more about our guests, on a personal level. Hopefully, in doing so, you might find that you have some things in common with people doing great things in our community.

In talking to Lee Ann, we learned that she has a sweet granddog that keeps her on her toes, and we also learned which old school board she prefers, much to our surprise. One of our questions, unbeknownst to us, caused Lee Ann to relive a traumatic (tongue in cheek) memory from her early days of being a parent. That's the kind of hard-hitting journalism you can expect to hear during This or That, each Tuesday at 7:35am on the MY Morning Show with Bobby & Liberty.

This or That with Lee Ann Shafer

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