On East Gum Street, in the middle of a Boonville neighborhood sits Pioneer Bakery. It doesn't have multiple locations in high-traffic areas like Donut Bank. There's no neon sign flashing outside to let passersby know a fresh, hot batch of donuts just came out of the fryer like Krispy Kreme. Its name isn't recognized nationally like Dunkin'. It's just a small, simple rectangular building the size of a small house that's been serving the residents of Boonville for over 60 years. But even though it doesn't come with the pomp, circumstance, or marketing power of its contemporaries, ask any Boonville resident who's been there, and they'll tell there's no better donut around.

Unlike other Tri-State donut shops, Pioneer Bakery's hours of operation can be different every day. While they do open for business at the same time each day (5:00 AM Tuesdays through Sundays), when they close depends on how business goes that day. According to their Facebook page, their open until 11:00 AM each day. But here's the thing, Pioneer only makes so many donuts each day, and once they're gone, they lock the door and call it a day. If that happens to be 11:00 AM, so be it. But, it could also be 10:30 AM, 9:17 AM, or some other random time. That's the way it's always been. However, it seems that recently it's created a bit of confusion.

The bakery asked their fans for some help in a post on their Facebook page Tuesday morning. You see, when the donuts are gone, the employees post a note to the door stating the business is sold out. Some people have mistakenly interpreted this to mean the business itself is being sold some way, somehow. They'd like everyone to know that's not the case, and to please let everyone else know too.

That's definitely good news for Pioneer Bakery fans. As the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end," and I'm sure the day will come when that can be applied to Pioneer Bakery, it seems that won't be the case for (hopefully) a very long time.

That's good news for me personally too. See, between dating and being married, my wife, a Boonville native, and I have been together for almost 23 years. Her family lives in Boonville. She's been a teacher in Boonville for about 18 of our 23 years together. Our kids have always gone to school in Boonville. Needless to say, I'm in Boonville a lot. Yet, I have never been to, nor have I ever eaten a donut from Pioneer Bakery. Fortunately, it sounds like I still have some time to correct that.

[Source: Pioneer Bakery on Facebook]

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