In what may be an attempt to become the NFL's Oprah Winfrey, Indianapolis Colts quarterback, and self-proclaimed, "avid reader," Andrew Luck has started his own book club.

It's no secret that Luck is an intelligent guy. Stanford University doesn't just hand out diplomas to anyone. It's also no secret that he really enjoys books. But not just fiction, or non-fiction novels. The guy will apparently read about anything. Former teammates Matt Hasselbeck and Griff Whalen once shared a story with Indianapolis Star reporter, Stephen Holder, in which the franchise QB, who holds a degree in architectural design, read a book about concrete on a trip to Cincinnati. Yep, concrete.

The point being, the guy loves books, and he's sharing that love with fans through the newly established, and appropriately titled, "Andrew Luck Book Club." Each month, Luck will offer two book recommendations, one for younger fans, cleverly titled, "Rookies", that will feature children's books he himself enjoyed reading when he was younger. The other will be for adult fans, or "Veterans", and will feature a book for more advanced readers with presumably deeper topics than watching Spot run.

There's no membership fee, or account set up required. Simply read the books, then share your thoughts with other book aficionados through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag, #ALBOOKCLUB.

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