After disposing of running backs, Alfred Morris and LeSean McCoy, the Indianapolis Colts signal caller finds himself in the final four of voting to determine who will grace the cover of the popular video game franchise.

For the first time since voting began, Luck finds himself matched up against a fellow quarterback with Carolina Panthers veteran, Cam Newton looking to beat Luck and advance to the final round.

Semifinal voting continues through this Friday (May 30th). Should Luck advance to the finals, he'll face either San Francisco 49ers quarterback and tattoo enthusiast, Colin Kaepernick or the outspoken cornerback from the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman, whom Luck played college football with when both were students at Stanford.

Of course, there are Colts fans who may be nervous to vote for Luck considering the whole "Madden Curse" thing, but as ESPN reporter, Mike Wells recently suggested while answering reader questions, if anybody could break the curse, why wouldn't it be Luck considering his flare for dramatic comeback victories.

Considering the guy can pull off plays like this, I have to think that if such a curse exists, he'll find a way to smash it.

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