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SNES Mini!
Fans of Nintendo squealed with excitement last year when Nintendo announced the Mini NES classic, a miniature version of the beloved 8-bit grey console that set the bar for home video game consoles in the 1980s.  Well, prepare to wait in long lines and open up your wallets once again because no…
Rob & Lloyd Play Heads Up
Today's "Wednesday With Winnecke" is a lot of fun.  Last month, Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and had a pretend duel and milked imaginary cows in Nintendo's "1,2, Switch!"  This time, we'll play another video game
Video Game Hall of Fame
Last week, the World Video Game Hall of Fame announced their four new inductions for the class of 2017!  Steve and I reunited for a special episode of "The 16-Bit Superstars" to give these games the inductions that we feel they deserve!  Don't miss the special reunio…
Rob & Winnecke play Nintendo
Yesterday, while I was visiting the Civic Center in Downtown Evansville, I decided to stop in pay my old friend and Mayor Lloyd Winnecke a visit!
Legend Of Zelda
On March 3rd, Nintendo released the highly-anticipated, delayed-plagued latest entry in the heralded Legend of Zelda franchise alongside their new home console/portable handheld the Switch!  As any true nerd and avid lover video games, I was there on day one with my Switch and my copy of Breath…
GameStop Closing?
It's being reported from many different news outlets, including this article from GameSpot (NOT GameStop, mind you), that one of the most popular dedicated video game retail stores in the country will be closing more than 200 of their stores nation wide.
While this is reportedly less than 3% of thei…
Video Game Gift Ideas!
Christmas is right around the corner, and hopefully you've already started your holiday shopping!  Maybe you're a wife or a girlfriend of a guy who plays a lot of video games.  Maybe you're a parent who's clueless toward the games your child or teenager is taking over your TV playing.  Whatever your…

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