Thanks to one westside Evansville business, young people are getting the chance to experience something us old folks know all too well - the arcade. In more and more cities around the country, people are opening up classic arcades, for gamers of all ages. Here in Evansville, the place to go is High Score Player Two, located at 2814 Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Player Two is the sister store to High Score Saloon, which is located downtown and is just for adults only - hence the saloon. Player two is open to everyone though, and is full of all kinds of games, video and otherwise. Some video games are new-ish, some are kinda old school, and some are really old school. In addition to the video games, there is also Skee Ball, an air hockey table, and a bunch of pinball machines.

The classic arcade is open to the public every Friday from 4pm-9pm and every Saturday from 12n-9pm. They are also open and available for private parties available 7 days a week. See their party pricing below.

attachment-High Score Player Two prices

We recently had a company get-together at High Score Player Two and we had a blast. I highly recommend you consider booking a party there too - you should definitely take your kids there. It's a great chance for them to see what used to have to do to play video games with our friends. We couldn't just sit at home with our headphones on - we had to load up with quarters and get out of the house - but we wouldn't trade it for the world, right?

Level Up - Fun Facts about Classic Arcade Games

High Score Player Two Classic Arcade is packed with some of the best arcade games ever made. Let's find out some fun facts about the games we know and love.

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