Horses are amazing animals. Their personalities are both exciting and calming. Just being in their presence is a truly humbling experience and if you look one in the eye, you will fall in love.

When I was nine months old, I got my first horse. She was only a year old when my dad brought gave her forever home. Toy was more like a family dog than a horse. She would play with me and follow me around when I would too young to ride her by myself. I was so fortunate to have her as my childhood companion. I felt so lucky to have her and spent many an evening talking to her about my boy problems as a teenager. She didn't say much, but she was a great listener.

Toy lived to be 31 years old and died in her sleep, in our barn lot. I loved her so much and still think of her often. There are times I wish I had a horse now. Even today, when I'm sad, stressed, and overwhelmed with life, I wish for her smell and nuzzles.

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If you miss the smell and sweet nuzzles of a horse or maybe you have never experienced petting or riding a horse, there is a little town, near Santa Claus, IN is where Santa's horses live and you can go, meet and ride them. Santa's Stables are located in Lamar, IN and they are the subject of our weekly website series Tour De Tristate. In this series, we showcase local places that offer unique items, food, or experiences.

Santa's Stables/Canva
Santa's Stables/Canva

This week, I put together a gallery of photos from Santa's Stables so you can see how amazing these stables are and the information you need to make a plan to visit them. I had some fun with it. Even though I have never met any of the horses, based on their photo, I tried to figure out their personality. I also went even further with the fun and compared each one of them to your favorite radio personalities on your favorite radio stations. Take a look.

Meet the Santa's Stables Staff (Spoiler: They're All Horses)

Looking to hit the trail? Santa's Stables in Southern Indiana has pony rides and trail rides for any experience level. 

Donut even celebrated National Donut Day.

Make a to take your family to Santa's Stables. The whole family will love it.

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