When we were kids, an arcade/playground/miniature golf/batting cages can to town. It was amazing. Well, for the time it was amazing. Later, when I would take my kids to a place similar, I was amazed how much more they had to offer. Just the video games alone were crazy some. Where we used to go, had only Pac Man, Asteroids, and Tetris. That’s it. Oh, and some pinball machines. It didn’t even have a foosball table until I was in college.

When I saw this place, it was like the kid in me woke up. Jak’s Warehouse has something for everybody. Every detail of this place is made with fun in mind. From indoor go-carts, to rock walls, to interactive video games. It’s HUGE! It has something for everybody.

Jak’s Warehouse is located in Schererville, IN, which is up near Chicago. But, I’ve been to Chicago several times and had no idea this place even existed. Looks like when we go to visit my granddaughter, we are going to have to take a road trip. So, if for any reason YOU are headed north, defiantly go check it out.


Indiana Indoor Playground/ Arcade Will Bring Out The Kid In You


Jak’s has a new and exciting 4D interactive gaming theater. Dark Ride uses state of the art technology and special effects for an experience you will never forget. Take a look!


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