Way back on New Year's Day of 1993, I went spelunking (the official term for exploring caves) with friends of mine in Bowling Green, practically the heart of cave country.

We didn't go very deep into this particular cave because we were smart enough to understand the dangers of such an activity. But we did go as far as we could. By the way, that cave is no longer public property. We all now know it better as Lost River Cave, a popular COMMERCIAL attraction in south central Kentucky.

Trip Advisor's Ranking of the Top Attractions in Kentucky

And since it went commercial, visitors from all over have flocked to Bowling Green for a unique underground boat ride. In fact, it has become one of the top tourist attractions in all of Kentucky. But you don't have to take my word for it; TripAdvisor.com--thanks to more than 3,000 user reviews--has it among the TOP FIVE attractions in the Commonwealth.

I have studied the list and am about to present the top 15 highest-rated attractions in Kentucky, and, honestly, once you drop below #15, they DO start to get a little more obscure.

I mean, I'm quite familiar with the Creation Museum, the Muhammad Ali Center, and the National Quilt Museum. But the rest of the list consists mostly of various distilleries. Wonder why.

Trip Advisor -- Don't Leave Home Without It

Trip Advisor is an invaluable tool for traveling--especially if you're taking a road trip. If you fly, you pretty much have your itinerary set, I'd imagine. But hitting the road allows for stopping at this cool attraction or that cool attraction as you make your way to your destination.

With that in mind, we have reached OUR destination--the top 15 highest-rated attractions in Kentucky:

The Top-Rated Kentucky Attractions According to Trip Advisor

According to Trip Advisor's user ratings, these are the most popular attractions in Kentucky. You'll see a lot of bourbon, caves, and horses...as expected.

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