Another instance of Reggie being Reggie.

Yes, it's the preseason, and yes, in the grand scheme of things it means absolutely nothing. But that doesn't mean it's completely void of spectacular play. I present to you exhibit 'A', Reggie Wayne's touchdown Sunday evening against the New York Giants.

The play begins with Andrew Luck taking the snap and looking for an open receiver. As he sees Wayne get behind his defender (Aaron Ross), under pressure, he heaves a pass down field that comes up a bit short. Ross slides to intercept the pass only to have it bounce of his arm and up into the air. Thinking quickly, Wayne turns himself around and essentially tips the ball to himself buying just enough time to make a beautiful diving catch for the score.

Reggie Wayne's Tip Catch for a Touchdown vs. the Giants

In a game that means nothing, it's great to see professionals like Wayne give it their all despite the fact they know they're guaranteed a spot on the regular season roster as a starter. It's that kind of leadership that inspires the younger guys to go all out, and the reason that as a Colts fan, I'm glad we have a guy like Reggie on our team.

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