Apparently the tension between the West's and Drake are beginning to escalate on social media but are Kim and Kanye taking things too far? Recently, Kanye had been ranting on twitter about how he had been trying to get in contact with Young Money rapper but that Drake refuses to respond.

Kanye obviously took Drake's lyrics on "Sicco Mode", a song he did with Travis Scott, personally and even demanding an apology from Drake. Even Kim decided to get in the the action. Somehow Kim and Kanye interpreted Drake asking Kris Jenner "How's the family" as a veiled, mafia-like treat! Which I think I reaching a bit far but God only knows how the minds of Kanye and Kim work.

Saying that Kanye paved the way for Drake is also a bit of a stretch since Drake made his bones doing videos on YouTube before getting sing to Young Money Records and  after having a brief television career on the Canadian Version of Degrassi High!

West even went so far as to insinuate that the audience member that ran up on the stage at a Pusha T concert was sent by Drake in response to Pusha T's outing of Drake having a son with a French Adult Model! West has denied revealing anything to Pusha T even though Pusha is singed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label.

If this were any other artist I would say that this is just a feeble one-sided attempt to lure Drake into some kind of drama to garner some attention for his new artist and clothing line, but since this is Kanye we're talking about here, he could actually believe what he's saying.

Kanye is acting like a stalker ex- that's mad at their ex- for not wanting to talk to him. Especially after Kanye put Drake on blast for requesting clearance for a sample of a beat that Kanye produced. Kanye eventually OK'd the sample but Drake hasn't reached out or spoken to Kanye since. Drake's only response seemed to come in the form of a Instagram pic...