After shooting our own 'Harlem Shake' last week, I gave you the rules for shooting your own version and included a form where you could upload the YouTube link once it was finished. So far I've received numerous submissions, but none of them are from places I expected.

The original goal of the submission form was to give listeners in Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, or even somewhere as far out there as Boonville (because let's be honest, it doesn't get more "out there" than Boonville) the opportunity to create their own Harlem Shake and have it shared here on the site. What I received instead was something completely different.

In this internet age where we'll all connected through miles of fiber optic cables, the list of rules became one of the top search results on Google which exposed it to people around the world. Here are a few of them along with their country of origin (that's right, "country", we've gone international, baby!).

Skøpje,Macedonia (Possibly NSFW)

I don't even know where this place is, but when their not doing the Harlem Shake, they apparently enjoy watching TV and drawing musical notes that resemble an integral part of the male anatomy.


Note to self: Book trip to Australia. Crikey!


If this isn't an advertisement for pedophiles to consider vacationing in the Great White North, I don't know what is.

Sunland, California

Now I know why the Pope stepped down.

St. Charles, Missouri

The hottest part about this? Girls playing video games.

Miami, Florida

Good to see someone finally find another use for a wedding dress.

Cambridge, England

Just when you thought the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man had been pigeon-holed by his breakthrough role in Ghostbusters, he finds a way to reinvent himself.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If there's an award for creepiest team mascot, I nominate the guy in this video.