Last year, one of the most popular 5K events in town was sidelined because of COVID-19.  However, the insanely popular Color Blast 5K is making a comeback!!  The 2021 Color Blast 5K, Owensboro's "Most Colorful" 5K will return to Moreland Park in Owensboro on Saturday, August 28th and we're excited to announce that registrations are open.  That announcement was made last week on social media.

If you've never been to the Color Blast 5K,  here's some footage from the 2016 event.  This will give you an idea of how much fun (and what a "color blast") the start is!

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Now, typically, the Color Blast event is held in March and, if you've ever participated, you're aware it can be exceptionally cold.  However, this year's event promises to be MUCH warmer.  With the date in August, we're banking on warmer weather and better running conditions.
Of course, the emphasis at this particular 5K event isn't time.  It's COLOR!  And the color is going to be flying on Saturday, August 28th.
For more information and to get registered for the event, CLICK HERE! The Early Bird registration fee for adults is $25.  Students can sign up to run the course for $15.
The Color Blast 5K, which invites you to help Color Us Proud, is presented by Independence Bank and WBKR!   The mission of the event is simple- to recognize the positive impact individuals with special needs have on our lives, to acknowledge their abilities and help spread awareness. I'm not sure about you, but I personally think that's a cause worth running for.

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