harlem shake

YouTube Can Do The Harlem Shake
Okay, I get that the Harlem Shake is long gone - & that is definitely for the best. But I discovered something this morning, and I thought it was pretty cool. Apparently, if you go to YouTube and search 'Do The Harlem Shake,' Youtube literally does the harlem shake. It...
The Harlem Shake Literally Goes Up in Flames [VIDEO]
The argument could be made that the Harlem Shake was the hottest thing going at the start of 2013 before the fire sort of smoldered out and people moved on to the next thing. But these kids are bound and determined to make sure it goes out in a blaze of glory.
What Animal is This?
This morning I showed Kat and Chandelle what I felt was the best Harlem Shake video I've ever seen.  (Obviously aside from our very own KISS-FM Harlem Shake video, available HERE!)  It's from a Sea World in San Antonio.  While all three of us agreed it was the best Harl…

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