It seems that someone had more time on their hands than they knew what to do with.

When I gave you the rules for shooting your own Harlem Shake video last week, I included an online form where you could paste the YouTube link once your video was completed. Apparently I put the right keywords into the headline because when someone anywhere in the world types "harlem shake rules" into Google, that post is the top result.


Since publishing that post four to five days ago, I've received submissions from Norway, Macedonia, Canada, Florida, California, and all points in between with one of the more unique of those showing up in my inbox this morning.

Audrey Cozzietti from New York City took the time to make her own stop-motion animated Harlem Shake using a few action figures she had laying around. My friends and I used to do this in grade school when we stayed the night at each others homes. It took hours to set the scene, take a second or two of video, move the figures slightly, and repeat that process over and over again until you finished. So kudos to you Audrey! Now get out of the house and go meet some people.