This morning I showed Kat and Chandelle what I felt was the best Harlem Shake video I've ever seen.  (Obviously aside from our very own KISS-FM Harlem Shake video, available HERE!)  It's from a Sea World in San Antonio.  While all three of us agreed it was the best Harlem Shake video we'd ever seen, we CAN NOT seem to agree on what animals are in the video.  Watch the video below, and without using a search engine, what animals do you think are in this video?

We're fairly certain that the creatures on the left and right are the same species, but we can not agree on whether or not they are sea lions (which Rob and Kat think they are), or seals.  But the big problem is with that big sucker in the middle...


There was an embarassing moment here in the studio when my gut instinct was to call the big fella' flopping around in the middle a wallaby.  I admit, a wallaby is not the word I was looking for...  I was looking for "walrus."  However, upon second glance, I think that big guy is a manatee.


 I think the big 'ol creature up front is a narwhal... an hornless narwhal, but a narwhal none the less... or maybe I really just like to say narwhal...


I think the bigger of the three animals is a walrus because of the shape of his flippers and the whiskers around his mouth. I think the two smaller animals on the left and right sides of the shot are seals because of the shape of their ears, the length of their front flippers and because it looks like they have two hind flippers.