The Harlem Shake is EVERYWHERE! And last night my brother and his band made a HUGE one! I may be biased, but it's one of the coolest ones I've seen (besides our KISS FM one of course!)


My brother is in a band called While The Buried Sleep, and in just a couple weeks him and his band are going to Detroit to record an EP with a recording company up there.  So they decided to have a benefit show to cut down some of the costs, and to help the guys out.  I mean they're all struggling college students so they need all the help they can get!

Last night they held their show at the River of Life church in Henderson, and the crowd was insane! The goal last night was to raise $500 because that was what they needed.  It was $5 a person to get in, and they raised $850! So that's like 170 people, not even including the parents that were there that got in free, and the band guys who got in free, there were like 5 bands there.  Anyways I'm so proud of my brother and his friends they've done such a good job, and I wish them the absolute best of luck in Detroit!

With such a huge crowd they thought it would be the best time to do the Harlem Shake, so they told everyone to grab some props and get crazy!

Check out the video below! If you want to know which one my brother is, he is the one in the Cubs hat (Being a Cubs fan runs in the family!) he's in the front kneeling on the ground holding hands with another guy... haha