Don't lie, your inner 90's fangirl just went crazy.

Backstreet's back, ALRIGHT! (Backstreet Boys Official Facebook Page)

So something you may or may not know about me, I'm a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan! Growing up they were my favorite boy band, and I even got to see them in concert back in 2001, it was pretty awesome.  Just today this popped up in my facebook news feed (i may or may not have the Backstreet Boys official Facebook page "liked") and I thought I should share it with you.

In the video you see the guys all acting pretty normal...until the bass drops.  The guys then go crazy!  After the crazy happens, they then do a synchronized 90's total boy band dance, that is beyond awesome. And also for as old as these dudes are getting, they can still move! I'm not 100% sure, but I think AJ is Spiderman, Howie is in a tutu, Brian is a storm trooper, Kevin is the rabbit, and Nick is well...Nick!