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Tiny Hamster's Tiny Date
Whether you are a lover or hater of Valentine's Day, this video is guaranteed to melt your heart.  (Note: Heart will not actually melt - but you know what I mean)
Guy Beats Mike Tyson's Punch Out... BLINDFOLDED [VIDEO]
Any fan of video games knows the torture and madness that goes into the classic Nintendo boxing game Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!  For some reason, Mike Tyson's Punch Out is my Achille's heel of video games.  I struggle putting down even the lowly Glass Joe.  This guy, thou…
This Cat is Scared of Super Mario [VIDEO]
You know how big of a fan of Super Mario I am.  The thought of someone being scared of the portly plumber is a very foreign concept to me.  I guess to be scared of Super Mario, you would have to be inhuman.  This cat video had me cracking up!
Gwyneth Platrow Raps With Jimmy Fallon - Broadway Style
Jimmy Fallon has a great way of incorporating popular music into his celebrity interviews.  This latest one, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, is a great example of this.  He and Gwyneth take three popular rap songs and perform them Broadway style in this short but funny video!
This Dog LOVES "Let it Go"
I know there have been an awful lot of funny "Let it Go" videos.  I saw this one, though, and it had me laughing!  Well it may be best to "let a sleeping dog lie", it could be better to wake a sleeping dog up to Frozen's "Let it Go"…
News Bloopers - Winter Edition
It's not even THANKSGIVING and we've already been effected by snow and winter weather here in the Tri-State!  Snow has led to some humorous bloopers in the world of TV news.  Here is a compilation of some of the greatest bloopers caused by snow!

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