It's March, the greatest time of the year for any college basketball fan. The Sweet 16 starts tonight, but if the Madness has already busted your bracket, don't worry -- a secret Facebook Easter Egg will still let you shoot some hoops, and maybe even confuse your friends a little bit too.


Facebook has put a secret basketball game into their Messenger app. It's really easy to unlock and even easier to help you destroy any productivity you had planned for the day.

It only takes three steps and you'll be sinking 3's like Stephen Curry:

  1. Open up a conversation in the Facebook Messenger App on your phone.
  2. Type in the basketball emoji and send it to your friend.
  3. Click on the emoji

This will open up the game. It keeps track of how many baskets you make and sends that score to your friend.

Get ready to start killing your phone's battery.

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