The "madness" is underway, and like so many other people around the country, I have taken wild stabs in the dark and attempted to predict the outcome of the tournament. Here's how I see things playing out.

Each year I always think I'm going to follow college basketball throughout the season so I can be somewhat educated when it comes time to make my picks, and each year I end up  not doing that. All I base my picks on are what I've picked up on Sports Center over the season, a team's seeding (in most cases), and hopefully, some dumb luck.

This season was weird. There was no clear cut, dominant team like we had last year with Kentucky. This year, a team would become number one, then lose the next game and slide down the rankings, making it even more difficult to accurately predict how the tournament will go.

As I always do, I filled out two brackets. While most of my picks are the same, there are a few games where I chose different winners on each bracket. In my head, I think this increases my chances of winning, when in reality, I probably just end up shooting myself in the proverbial foot. Without further adieu, here are the two ways I see it breaking down.

Ryan O'Bryan's NCAA Bracket 01
Ryan O'Bryan's NCAA Bracket 02

After each weekend of the tournament, I'll upload a revised copy of my sheets so you can watch first-hand how terrible I am at this.

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