Okay WalletHub, you got some 'splaining to do. How in the world are you gonna say that Evansville, IN is the 10th worst city in America for college basketball fans? FYI, they have us ranked 280th out of 289 cities. Isn't it impossible for any city in Indiana to be at the bottom of any list related to basketball?

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Apparently, this particular study didn't take into account that Evansville just hosted, for the third year in a row, the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) Tournament - and that we will continue to host it through 2023. I guess they didn't know that Evansville will, once again, host the Division II Elite Eight which will crown the DII national tournament.

They must not have known that the University of Southern Indiana just opened a brand new, state of the art arena to host the Screamin' Eagles whose men's and women's teams, by the way, have both advanced to the aforementioned DII National Tournament.

So how did WalletHub come to this conclusion? Seems like several of their categories are performance-based for Division I schools. That's unfortunate because, despite the University of Evansville's recent struggles, fan and community support for the Purple Aces is still high. And they don't even consider our Screagles, who are consistently one of the top-ranked DII schools in the country. If you're interested, you can see how they scientifically gathered the results - and you can see below how the rest of the country ranked.

Source: WalletHub

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