Right now is a good time for sports fans - the NFL season just getting started and the MLB getting closer to the postseason, plus high school football, soccer, and volleyball - there is a lot to be excited about. And I'm a little bit extra excited today because the University of Evansville just released the 2022-23 season schedule for the Purple Aces men's basketball team.

University of Evansville basketball
University of Evansville athletics

There is just something exciting about a new season, right? Everyone starts with an 0-0 record - the playing field is completely level - and there's the hope that "this could be the year." To say that UE's 2021-22 season was rough would be a big understatement, finishing the season with a record of 6-24. At this point, there's really nowhere else to go but up, and with the addition of a new athletic director (Kenneth "Ziggy" Siegfried) and a new head basketball coach (David Ragland), there definitely is hope for the University of Evansville.

University of Evansville Coach Ragland
Coach David Ragland/University of Evansville Athletics

I got to play Wiffle ball with Coach Ragland and Ziggy this summer (it was a charity tournament at Bosse Field), and if their ability to coach and run a basketball program is anything like their skill with a plastic ball and bat, fans can expect big things from the Purple Aces this season.

2022-23 University of Evansville basketball schedule

The Purple Aces start the regular season on the road, traveling to Miami Ohio on November 7 (following two exhibition games on October 29 and November 2). The first home game of the season is scheduled for November 16, when UE hosts Southeast Missouri State at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville.

[Source: University of Evansville press release]

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