Another NCAA tournament, another year of my hopes of selecting the right teams going up in flames.

Thanks to sub-par play by four of the top teams in the tourney, or perhaps my poor judgement in making picks, my chances of winning the pool are officially over before the Final Four teams even take the court. Although, truth be told, you'd be hard pressed to find anybody who picked Wichita State to make it this far.

The argument could be made that this year's tournament was a tough one to call based on the revolving door that was the number one spot in the country during the regular season. Regardless, any chance I had of winning anything died when Michigan State and Miami both lost last weekend. Now, I could have simply wadded up my bracket and tossed in the trash, but where's the drama in that? Nope, this thing needed to be put to bed with a little "flare" (or grill lighter in this case).

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