Some people put Shock Collars on their dogs and other pets in order to discourage "bad" behavior, but would you wear one YOURSELF? is apparently selling the Pavlok 2 habit conditioning device that also comes with a BONUS Habit Change ebook.

According to their website, this electro-shock enabled FIT-BIT is used by over 50,000 people to break habits ranging from smoking to oversleeping. It supposedly does this using "zaptic feedback", whenever bad behavior by the user is detected.

It's doesn't say HOW the device knows when your doing something you're not supposed to be. The 'oversleeping' part can be solved with a simple alarm, but what about the smoking?  Maybe it has a built-in smoke detector or maybe some guy follows you around with a remote control to shock whenever you're being BAD!

Hopefully this thing doesn't malfunction and shocks someone into a heart attack! Would YOU wear one in order to kick a bad habit?

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