Madonna just announced that three of her concerts in San Francisco will be 'Cell Phone Free', but is banning cell phones at public events actually worth it? In today's world, asking someone to give up access to their phones, is almost considered an insult! And that's just what Madonna and many other artists are asking venues to do to their ticket holders!

Madonna people issued a statement saying people will be required to seal their phones electronically sealed bag called Yondr, that puts a phone on lockdown with a magnetic device. It allows concert goers to keep their phones with them, but only allows use in designated 'Phone Zones'. Some schools have implement similar systems to keep students from using their phones during class.

But, imagine receiving a text message from your parents or your babysitter and having to say 'excuse me' a thousand times just to make it to a 'phone zone' to send a reply. Not wanting people to take flash photography while close to the stage, or not wanting them to video record the concert to prevent bootlegging, is understandable, but totally disabling phone or required people to leave them in their cars is taking things a bit too far for me.

I've never been to a concert where someone talking on the phone has been a distraction to anyone around them. If anything, you feel sorry for the person trying to have a conversation over 10,000 screaming fans. Also, in this age mass shootings at public events, I would feel much more safe knowing I didn't have to make it to a 'designated phone area' just to call for help.

What about you? Would you attend a concert that required you to surrender your cell phone or lock it in a bag? Leave your answers in the comment box below!

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