Get a gift this year you aren't super stoked on?  The Better Business Bureau has some suggestions!

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Christmas is weird, there's a lot of pressure to purchase gifts for people, and a lot of pressure on people to buy gifts for you, so what do you do when all gifts aren't winners?

I don't know about you, but every Christmas when I was a kid my mom ALWAYS sat my brother and I down before Christmas with the family to tell us, no matter what you get, you say "thank you" and act excited. My mom practically drilled that message into our heads. Thanks to her, Michael and I became pros at saying "wow thank you" to gifts that we maybe weren't too stoked about, or duplicates.  But we've all been there before. You excitedly tear into a gift only to find it's something you already have, or maybe it's something that's just not your style, you smile say thank you (you don't want to hurt the gift giver's feelings) and move on. But what about later when you get the gift home? You may not want that gift cluttering up your house.  According to the Better Business Bureau there's a few things you can do!

You can return it, donate it, or re-gift it (just make sure you don't re-gift it to someone who may know the original giver)! And remember, be kind. The person who bought you the gift probably had great intentions, they just missed the mark a bit, and that's okay not all gifts can be winners.

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