"Stop right there. Just put that musk ox right back in the trailer and take it back where you found it. You know you can't keep one of those here."

What you have just read is a sample conversation you might have with someone who would try to give a large bovine creature native to the Arctic a fur-ever home in your 2000 square foot ranch-style.

Not gonna happen.

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But I think it's safe to say there's hardly anyone out there ready to devote all the necessary time and effort to taking care of a big, furry, malodorous mammal.

Why don't you try a cat or a dog?

THEY'RE perfectly acceptable in Owensboro. What you'll see below are NOT, partly because the city says so and partly because KENTUCKY says so:

Pets You Can't Own in Owensboro

Cats, dogs, certain birds, and aquarium fish are examples of pets you CAN own in Owensboro. Here are 14 you CANNOT own.

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