I was shopping for dinner here in Evansville yesterday when I came across a package of "chicken paws." I snapped a photo and shared it with Facebook and the comments have ranged from mild to wild.

Chicken Paws
Kat Mykals

First., let me just say that I did not buy the aforementioned "chicken paws" nor do I wish to try them at any point in time. Just the sight of them was unsettling. They actually look like they have a manicure! Ewwww!!! The package actually does call them "chicken paws" but to me they are feet or maybe claws. Apparently they have about 5g of protein in a single ounce!

I shared the photo on my Facebook page and the comments suggested a few things. 1) These are quite popular overseas. 2) You can make broth/stock from them. 3) You can fry them up. 4) Some of my friends feed them to their dogs. 5) Most people were like "wtf?" 6) Some people wanted to wear them as a necklace and perform voodoo rituals. Ok, that last part may have been a stretch, but there was a suggestion or two about voodoo in the comments. The only thing I know for sure is that they must be popular enough in this area if they are being stocked on the shelves of our local Walmart but I won't be buying anytime soon!

Have you had them? Would you try them?

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