What are "Butt Drugs" and why is Google suggesting that as a result for "fun kids activities in the area?"

A listener shared this photo to our Facebook page. It shows the results of a query that she performed on Google asking for what she described as "fun kid activities in the area." You can imagine Amanda's (and ours!) surprise to see "Butt Drugs" as the #3 Google response!


Now, I won't lie. At first I was like "WTF?!?" but then I remembered that I have actually seen an ink pen with the name Butt Drugs on it before. You know the kind that businesses have made to distribute to their customers for marketing purposes?

So, I did a quick Google query of my own but rather than looking up "kids activities," I decided to Google "Butt Drugs" and guess what?!? It's an actual place!! Butt Drugs is a family owned pharmacy, now being run by the third generation of the Butt family. It's been in business in the town of Corydon, Indiana since 1952. You can read the whole family history of the pharmacy on their website ButtDrugs.com.

You are still very likely wondering why a pharmacy in Corydon, Indiana is a Google answer to the query about "fun kids activities." Well, it turns out that not only does Butt Drugs offer the typical accouterments of a pharmacy but they also have an "old fashioned soda fountain and confections." That means you can sit in a chrome trimmed stool at the counter while you sip on a delicious soda, milkshake or malt made the old fashioned way with some flavor elixer injections! Their full menu is here.

I smell a road trip in my future!!!

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