Why I'm Proud To Be The Wife Of A Recovering Addict
Angel here and my husband, Joe, is in long term recovery from drug addiction. Yesterday marked his 10-year sobriety date and I could not be more proud to be his wife and walk hand in hand on the journey in life as he celebrates this incredible milestone.
Drug Tests For Assistance
As I read through Sunday's Evansville Courier and Press (yes, I still read an actual newspaper, call me old fashioned), one headline jumped out at me. It stated that a township in Posey County would be requiring those seeking monetary assistance to pass a drug test before said assistance would …
The Midwest Painkiller Epidemic: Dr. Feelgood meet Big Brother
According to a report this morning by the Associated Press, sales of the most popular prescription painkillers in the nation have exploded in new parts of the country. It seems that from coast to coast the Drug Enforcement Administration figures show dramatic increases over the last decade in the di…