As I read through Sunday's Evansville Courier and Press (yes, I still read an actual newspaper, call me old fashioned), one headline jumped out at me. It stated that a township in Posey County would be requiring those seeking monetary assistance to pass a drug test before said assistance would be handed over. It's an idea I think is long overdue.

I don't talk politics often, partly because I don't keep up on it closely, and partly because I don't trust that the various news outlets are giving me the full story. With that said, when I saw the story Sunday that Black Township has become the first Indiana township to implement a drug testing program, I felt compelled to share my thoughts.

Before we get to those thoughts, here's a brief explanation of what township assistance provides; according to Suits, it provides basic essentials (food, housing, electricity, etc.) for those who need it when they are unable to get assistance from other organizations.

Let me say that I have no problem with the idea of government assistance programs on any level. I like knowing that if, God forbid, I'm ever in a situation where my wife or I have lost our job, there is a "safety net" (for lack of a better term) to help us out until we get back on our feet (we do have two kids to feed after all). I'm also OK with my tax money helping those in the community, or wherever, that have fallen on hard times. My problem with assistance programs lies with some of those same people, specifically with those that abuse the system.

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The goal of the drug testing ordinance in Black Township is to prevent those receiving the aid from using it to sustain their habit, as it should. Again, I have no issue with my tax dollars helping those who are out of work or "down on their luck" from making sure they have a roof over their heads, working heat, or food on the table. As long as they're hitting the streets day in and day out looking for work that will eventually lead them to remove themselves from assistance.

It's those who rely on that assistance as their sole means of income, or worse yet use it to purchase non-essential items that I take issue with. If you don't have a job, yet your kids have a Wii U, Playstation 3, or XBox 360 plugged into an 42" HDTV in your living room, your priorities are out of order.

The issue of families with kids has become a point of contention among those who disagree with Suits implementation of the drug testing ordinance. Their argument being, if I'm understanding it correctly, is that the children are being deprived of basic necessities by the township's decision to not provide funds due to their parents drug habit. I have news for those people, if the parents are using the assistance to buy more illegal drugs, then the kids are being deprived either way.

In my opinion, if you're choosing meth, cocaine, or <insert drug of choice here>, your kids shouldn't be with you. Maybe having child protective services come in and take them away from you will be the wake up call you need to get your act together.

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