She's come a long way from being disappointed in herself for being caught smoking salvia from a bong. Another nugget from Miley Cyrus' full-of-reveals Rolling Stone cover story? She thinks cocaine is so '90s – the drug's heyday was actually more in the '80s — and she isn't afraid to wax about her love for weed.

Cyrus labeled marijuana as "the best drug on earth" and she also gives Molly aka MDMA an endorsement.

"One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon," Cyrus confessed. Maybe she smoked a peyote-laced blunt when she decided to cut her hair, too!

She dissed cocaine, saying, "Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And Molly, too. Those are happy drugs -- social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You're out in the open. You're not in a bathroom."

Cyrus admitted, "I really don't like coke. It's so gross and so dark. It's like, what are you, from the '90s? Ew."

Again, it was more of an '80s thing.

And the parents of the nation of Smilers shake their fingers. She basically just said that it's good to do certain drugs for specific reasons. That's a scary statement from a person who is worshipped by teens.

In non-drug news re: Miley, a snippet of 'Drive,' the song we think is about Liam Hemsworth, as discussed in her Fashion cover, leaked. She wrote the song about wanting to break up, but not being able to, on Valentine's Day, while still engaged to the actor. The first line we hear is "Forever is out the door." Since she was planning to wed Hemsworth, how can it not be about him?

Listen to Snippet of Miley Cyrus, 'Drive'

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