The Weeknd was the musical guest on the most recent SNL, and had everyone in the audience wondering, "What happened to his face?" When the lights came up on the Canadian Crooner, onlookers including myself we taken aback at the sight of a seemingly battered, bloodied, and bruised Weeknd.

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The very realistic looking make-up made The Weekend seem to have suffered a broken nose and an open wound over his right eye. But upon further analysis, it became apparent that the look was all part of the performance to help promote his new album and film short entitled "After Hours".

The film opens up with The Weeknd leaving the stage after a performance in front a large talk-show type crowd with a huge smile and the bandages on his face. As he walks down the corridor, the smile slowly morphs into a look of sadness and desperation. Some have suggested that this drastic change of facial expressions symbolized that in public, he always puts on his best face but once the light go down, the loneliness sets in.