Friday morning was a wild one in Evansville!

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Strong Winds Throughout Evansville Area

On Friday morning we saw strong winds and some storms move through the Tri-State area. I don't know about you, but at my house, it was an eventful morning (more on that later).  Many folks around the Tri-State started their Friday morning off with power flickers and some even lost power.  One person even caught powerlines near their house arcing (which kind of looks like an explosion).


Check out this video of a powerline arcing in Evansville that was shared by EvansvilleWatch:


What Causes Arcing?

According to, there's a reason powerlines arc:

 When damage to power lines occurs, intense arcing and power outages usually result. The highly visible, bright arcing from a damaged power line is often referred to as a 'power flash'. Power flashes can light up the nighttime sky, and as a result sometimes look like lightning.


Lightning strike

An Eventful Morning in Evansville

I don't know about you, but this morning was certainly an eventful one for me.  My husband had to work earlier than me today, so I got up and hopped in the shower.  Everything seemed pretty normal except for the fact it was really dark for being 7:00 AM, and there was really loud thunder and wind gusts against my house.  As I stepped out of the shower the power began flickering and I heard a lot of weird "whirring" kind of noises. It was FREAKY. I've also been watching a lot of Stranger Things and to be honest it felt like Vecna was nearby!  Well the sound of the power cutting in and out, cause my son's white noise machine to kick off which immediately woke him up.  I went in and got him out of his pajamas and into his day clothes, and gave him a bottle.  Since we had no power I had planned on going to my Nana's house to finish getting ready. Well between juggling no power in my home (which doesn't have a ton of windows so it was super dark) an infant, and two dogs, it was a bit of a comedy of errors. Everything that could go wrong, did.  After about 30 minutes of trying to get Riley and my dogs, all situated the power popped back on.  Thankfully it stayed on while I finished getting ready to take Riley to daycare.  I'm very fortunate we didn't have any damage, as I saw a lot of photos of downed trees and powerlines in the Tri-State area.  Check out these photos from Indiana Storm Chasers of storm damage from our area. I hope you are safe and sound and have your power on!


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