The Rob and Maddie did their monthly visit to the Warrick Human Society this morning and fell in love with every animal they got to meet.

Before we get to all the amazing animals, it's important to note that Warrick Humane Society is at MAX CAPACITY for ALL animals. That includes big dogs, small dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. Come see all the wonderful animals today at the Warrick Humane Society!

First up, there's Barree. Barree is a super friendly, 8-week-old kitten that is available for pre-adoption right now. He's on his way to be neutered any day now. He also has three sisters that are ready for pre-adoption as well!

Next is Lance. This sweet boy has a pretty sad story. He was adopted from the Warrick Humane society 12 years ago, and is now back due to unfortunate circumstances. He's 13 now, and looking for a home where he can live out his last years comfortably. Lance's adoption has been sponsored, meaning there is no cost to adopt him.


Up next is Bailee! She looks a little familiar because we mentioned her brother, Barree, earlier. Bailee is also 8 weeks old and will be spayed shortly. You can pre-adopted her today! 

Then there's Shadow. This BIG girl is half Lab, half Husky and she's super playful! She's found her way back to the Humane Society five times now - but we don't understand why! She's very sweet and does well with children.

 Next we have the most BEAUTIFUL cat we've ever seen - Hummingbird. She is a 1-year-old, affectionate girl that loves to be petted. She had a gorgeous coat and a personality to match. You HAVE to see how strikingly beautiful she is! 

We can't forget about Buck! He's a big 'ol boy, but he's the sweetest guy! He's very calm and docile, but will get up and play with you as well. He's certainly got German Sheppard in him, which makes him the perfect dog for any home!

 Now it's time for another cat! Meet Crawdad. He's an 8-month-old orange kitten that's very outgoing and energetic. He demands attention and scratches, and with as cute as he is, he gets what he wants! 

We couldn't end our monthly trip without PUPPIES! Chance and Chase aren't quite ready for adoption just yet, being that they're only 7.5 weeks old, but they will be very soon. They're the cutest duo and loved being held and played with.

  All of these beautiful animals are available for adoption at the Warrick Humane Society! Come see the gang plus more! You're sure to fall in love with one of the wonderful pets here. Adopt today!

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