Animal Shelter in Need

The Warrick Humane Society needs our help!

Recently, the shelter cared for a litter of puppies that suffered a parvovirus outbreak. Thankfully, with the help of a new drug, the puppies are projected to recover. However, because of this outbreak, the shelter is out of its supply of the drug that saved the litter. Due to its cost, they are asking the community for donations to replenish their supply to save puppies in the future.

We recently had a litter of puppies break with parvo and we had to use all of our CPMA. It is the first time we have had to use it since it has came out on the market, and we are happy to report all of the puppies are doing so much better because of this. We are now out of it and it costs $225 a vial, for a total of $1,350 for a new order. If anyone is able to donate, please do so. Spring is right around the corner meaning lots and lots of puppies!

Highly Contagious and Deadly Virus

As a pet owner who almost lost a dog to Parvo, I can attest that this virus is nothing to take lightly.

According to PetMD, Canine Parvovirus is one of the most serious sicknesses that a dog can contract. It is highly contagious which makes any outbreak in a shelter highly concerning. Without proper treatment, parvo is often fatal.  The disease is widely prevalent among puppies and unvaccinated adults.

Parvo affects dogs' intestinal tracts and bone marrow causing symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. These symptoms are typically seen within three to seven days of exposure.

In the most serious cases, puppies can collapse and suffer from high heart rate, difficulty breathing, and hypothermia brought on by dehydration and infection.

The tricky part about the virus is that it can live on surfaces for months, or even years, and is often resistant to most disinfectants. It is spread by fecal particles on the ground, human hands, objects, clothing, and even the fur or paws of another dog. These particles are not visible making it hard to know whether something is contaminated.

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How To Help

The drug, called Canine Parvovirus Monoclonal Antibody (or CMPV), is highly effective in treating the disease. However, it costs $225 per vial and a total of $1,350 per order making it costly for shelters who need large amounts for situations just like this.


If you would like to help, donations can be via their website.

With Spring around the corner, puppy season will be upon us. Donations, especially in times like these, can make a difference in saving these animals' lives!

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