Yesterday I had the privilege of once again hosting the USI Live at the Apollo Talent Showcase, and I had a great time! There were a variety of great acts, some new and some returning, competing for bragging rights and some CASH MONEY!

I participated in USI Live at the Apollo when I was at USI and placed 2nd in my category! And as for me, performing in front of crowd is one of the best feeling in the world! But not every can handle having all those lights, cameras and EYEBALL starting at you without passing out or throwing up! Could you?

One of the acts that DEFINITELY stood out was my man R.C., who did his rap called LIMITLESS! You could tell he was definitely new to the rap game and although he wasn't as "on-beat" as I would have liked, he did his thang and the crowd loved it!

Have you ever been in a talent show? What did you do? Were you nervous? Leave you comments in the box and I'll read them during next week's show!

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