We get public service announcements on CD on a pretty regular basis at the radio station. Usually they're from non-profit organizations, or foundations who hope we'll air the PSAs (we're not required to do so) to help get their message to the masses. More times than not, the cover of the CD cases feature the logo of the organization, or a photo that describes what the announcement is about. However, if there was a reward for most awkward PSA cover, the one we recently received from the Read Aloud 15 Minutes Campaign would win hands-down.

The point of the announcement is to encourage parents, particularly new ones, to read to their kids out loud for just 15 minutes a day. As the liner notes suggest, this "can give them a head start in school and life." A statement and a process I don't disagree with. My wife and I read to our kids almost nightly until a couple of years ago. But take a peek at the cover photo —

(Ryan O'Bryan)
(Ryan O'Bryan)

While it's true that it's never too early to start reading to your baby, there are certainly more appropriate places to do it!

Obviously, I get the cover is meant to be a joke, and I took it as such, but could you imagine if a guy tried this during the actual birth of his child? I got a feeling he might be giving birth to that book after his wife firmly planted it somewhere it wasn't meant to be.

And how about the look on his face. I don't know if super excited about where the story is going, or if he's blown away by the fact that something the size of a watermelon can squeeze its way through an opening that on the surface clearly doesn't look it should.

Kudos to you, Read Aloud 15 Minutes, if you wanted my attention, you definitely have it.

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