You have inevitably seen #TheDress online. If you haven't it's posted below... but it has created quite the controversy. Is it white & gold or is it blue & black? Take a look and let us know.


The Rob

This conversation everybody is having about this dress is interesting to me because I'm part of the less-than-five percent of people that suffer from colorblindness. This conversation that has everybody so fired up and intrigued, literally, is a conversation I have almost everyday. "Babe, have you seen my black hoodie?" "You mean your NAVY BLUE hoodie?" I've been aware of my colorblindness for 25 years, and I've become numb to all disputes involving color because apparently I am always wrong. That being said, that dress is white and gold. The white is "blue-ish" to me, but I see absolutely no black.


I am able to see it as both white/gold AND blue/black. If you only see it as white/gold, try this and see if you have the same result I did... Look at the image, but let your eyes relax and lose focus so that the image is still directly in your field of vision, but you aren't focused directly on it. If you're like me, the white will slowly morph to blue and the gold will darken to black. Give it a try!!!

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