After watching Jimmy Fallon play "The Whisper Challenge" with Julia Louis-Dreyfus last week on The Tonight Show, my boy Bobby G. from our sister-station, 103GBF and I decided to give it a try by teaming up for another "Inside Joke" video, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Bobby and I have been friends and co-workers for nearly 17 years, and are always trying to one-up each other when it comes to making jokes. It's one of those situations where people tell us, "you guys should have your own show," which is how "The Inside Joke" series of video came to be (in case you were wondering, if you weren't, well know you know).

If you've never seen "The Whisper Challenge", the concept is pretty simple. One person wears headphones with music playing loud enough, they can't hear the other person, instead having to rely on reading their lips to figure what they're saying. It should be called the "Lip-Reading Challenge", but it's not.

Honestly, this video could have been half as long as it is if we would have been able to keep our laughing in check, but we didn't, and that's what made it fun. Take a look.

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