I've been working here at Townsquare Media for over five years now - still kind of the baby in the building - and since my very first interview, I have been under the loving, guiding hand of LaDonne Craig, our General Manager.

A few months ago, LaDonne (or as I call her) LC began an employee initiative to encourage the entire staff to be unicorns and provide supurb audience and client experiences. We want our audience to have the best on-air, online, and in-person experiences with our DJs and we want our clients to receive the best possible customer service and product that they can.

This week was LC's birthday, so I thought it was fitting to buy her the onesie unicorn PJs I saw at the Walmart. But, would she wear them?

Well, LC went out of her way to zip up and bring a smile to the morning shows. It's not easy to get up at 4 a.m. and then be fun and enthusiastic that early. I'm pretty certain that not many bosses would do this. That's why we are so stinkin' lucky! -

Do you have a #unicornboss? Let us know who he/she is and why they rock!

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