Can you really resist a video called "Cat Smells Another Cat's Fart?"

No, you can't.

Much like our feline friend cannot resist sniffing another cat's butt, you are drawn to this clip because "Cat Smells Another Cat's Fart" is why the internet was invented.

Fun fact -- way back in the '60s when the internet was merely some sort of abstract idea, all those poindexters in their lab coats and ties pushed the tape on their glasses onto the bridges of their noses and proclaimed, "We need to create this interconnected series of computer networks so people can watch videos of cats not only breaking wind, but other cats sniffing their rear ends in the derision and annoyance that only cats can adequately express." Cats smelling farts are the original cat videos of the internet.

So, how about that? In addition to seeing a cat sniff a fart, you got a lesson in the obscure history of the World Wide Web. Animals should pass gas more often, right?

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