Bobby G from our sister-station, 103GBF, and I team up again for another edition of the 'The Inside Joke', and this time, we dragged the new girl into it.

Whenever someone gets hired here, they have to understand a few ground rules because there are two different types of people and atmospheres around the station. There's the sales and business side of things where people wear button-up shirts and dress slacks, and are expected to be professional. Then there's the "programming" side where the on air people reside. While not expected to dress up for work, we are also expected to be professional. We just choose not to be.

With that said, when a new person gets brought into the fold, we have to make sure they understand this. Plus, we need to get a read on them so we know what can and can't be said without offending them (although often times, we don't remember). Here we put Liz (who's been here all of three days) through the gauntlet.

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