This is what happens when you put two grown men with the minds of prepubescent teenage boys in front of a camera and ask them a few ridiculous questions.

Before we get to the video, let me explain the name, "The Inside Joke". See Bobby G. (from our sister-station, 103GBF) are the equivalent of the class clowns around the building, and most of our joking around involves inside jokes between the two of us that require explanations for other people. So it seemed like a natural name for what will hopefully be the first of many videos or whatever we collaborate on. Now you're in on the joke (see what I did there?).

This first video is pretty cut and dry. We were hanging out in our conference room after a meeting with our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley, brainstorming a few things when she started asking us questions from "Ask Reddit", with the goal to spur a few ideas. After a couple of questions, she said we should videotape our answers, which led to the finished product below.



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