You may have heard the recent 106.1 KISS commercials for Buffalo Wild Wings lately and thought, “That voice sounds familiar!” I know I did as soon as I heard it! So, I decided to do a little digging to make sure that my instincts were correct.

The guy on the new Buffalo Wild Wings radio ads is none other than the legendary John Goodman!

Goodman, most known for his stint on the wildly popular late 1980's hit comedy television show Roseanne, actually isn't new to commercials, or voice acting! He's done voice acting in movies such as Monster's Inc. and The Emperor's New Groove, but his first Hollywood gigs were commercials! So, the mystery is solved!

However, for a few laughs and some 1980's nostalgia, check out John Goodman in some of these early 1980's commercials!

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