Sometimes as moms, we kind of get our expectations up about holidays. We just can't help it. So this weekend, I naturally got pretty stoked that Mother's Day had finally rolled around. Mother's day is a day where all mothers hope to receive love and appreciation for all of their hard work that they provide for their kids throughout the year. We think we deserve that appreciation for all of the big and little things we do for our children day in and day out. Mother's Day 2017 showed me that 'my day' is pretty much like any other day of being a mother. Let me explain...

Mother's Day 2017 for me was probably one of the worst days I have had with my children in months. Don't get me wrong, I love them. They're the center of my universe which is probably why they're sort of spoiled little brats who do things like ruin my expectations on Mother's Day. Here's how the day began:

Unfortunately, it only gets worse from there. I decided to be nice and take the kids to the park to start off Mother's Day on the right foot. This turned out to be a mistake.

This was his big meltdown of the day. Right before that, I went to get my drink and had to keep yelling at him from the drink machine to sit down and stop acting out. At which point a lady laughs and says, "Happy Mother's Day," and I laughed and thanked her because really this kind of stuff is what motherhood is truly made of. Thank you to the lady at Panera who wished me a happy Mother's Day. That did help me to remember that really it was me who was part of the problem too by having somewhat unrealistic expectations. So for a few hours, things went okay. Then there was craft time.

My husband decided to help the kids make cards for me for Mother's Day. Each child came in beaming with pride holding up their cards and showing me the awesome things they wrote for me. Then things took a sudden turn for the worse. My 2-year-old was instructed to give his card to me and he refused. Finally, after some persuading, he handed me the card and I thanked him. This evidently, did not sit well with him:

That last tweet was a joke, but I'm not having any more kids. That part is not a joke.

Even though my Mother's Day was rough, I've had some alone time to reflect back on it and realize that what we celebrate on Mother's Day are mothers and everything they do. Each day I deal with some new parenting challenge presented by one of my kids and each day we make it through. Each day I make sure both of my kids are fed, dressed, marginally clean, and healthy. Each day I love my kids with my whole heart and each day I let them know that they are loved. Each night I kiss them goodnight and make sure that they know I will always be there for them, forever. So really, my Mother's Day 2017 was just like any other day with my kids and I couldn't be more content than I am right now. Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there who do their best every day to give their kids love, health, and happiness. It's a hard job, but it's the best job there is and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the entire world.

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